gospace AI is the world's only 100% automated and intelligent space scheduling solution

Unlike traditional office reservation systems, employees don’t need to book anything. Instead gospace AI continually learns how employees use the office, forecasts demand and automatically adapts to provide the right amount and type of space for dynamic teams so they can sit together, every day.

Through its seamless integration with existing collaboration platforms such as Microsoft 365, gospace AI makes it effortless for employees to coordinate with their colleagues in-office, alleviating the hassle of manual booking. By intelligently predicting how many people from each team will be in the office every day, gospace AI can automatically notify employees where their team space is via MS Teams, mobile or email. Employees can also check when their colleagues will be in the office, create their own teams, set their fixed 'in-office' days and invite others to join them.

Not only does gospace AI make hybrid work easy and productive for employees, it continuously identifies permanent space and operational savings, and reduces environmental emissions by autonomously optimising building capacity. It revolutionises space management by creating dynamic neighbourhoods each day for each team, based on historical attendance patterns, employee preferences and new scheduling constraints. It provides a unique blend of automation, flexibility, and control that is tailored to modern, dynamic work environments.

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