Service Level

1. Introduction

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is governed by our Terms and Conditions and the applicable Order Form.

2. Service levels

Severity level


Target response

Target resolution

1: Critical

Core functionality not available for multiple users

Within 30 minutes

Workaround 60 mins, resolve 4 hours

2: Significant

Single user issue or functionality impaired

4 hours

Workaround 4 hours, resolve 1 day

3: Minor

Minor issue that can be worked around

Within 24 hours

Workaround 24 hours, resolve 7 days

4: Low

Minor issue that can be avoided

Within 24 hours

Workaround 48 hours, resolve 30 days

Note: gospace AI will delay target response times by up to 24 hours from 23 December to 2 January.

3. Uptime

gospace AI will use commercially reasonable efforts to make gospace AI Services available at least 99.9% during any calendar month. Downtime is the overall number of minutes gospace AI was unavailable during any calendar month, and excludes the following:

  • Slowness or other performance issues with individual features (evolving, analytics etc)

  • Issues that are related to external apps or third parties

  • Any products or features identified as pilot, alpha, beta or similar

  • External network or equipment problems outside of our reasonable control

  • Scheduled downtime for maintenance

4. Responses and responsibilities

The Customer’s responsibilities:

  • The Customer should provide all necessary information and assistance related to service performance that allows gospace AI to meet the above performance standards.

  • The Customer shall inform gospace AI regarding changing business requirements that may necessitate a review, modification, or amendment of the SLA.

gospace AI’s responsibilities:

  • Gospace AI will act as primary support provider of the services herein identified except when third-party service providers are employed who shall assume appropriate service support responsibilities accordingly.

  • Gospace AI will inform the Customer regarding scheduled and unscheduled service outages due to maintenance, troubleshooting, disruptions or as otherwise necessary.

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